Popcorn Snowman

Last week in speech/OT group we decorated snowman cups and made popcorn!  The students had fun taking turns putting kernels in the popcorn maker and watching the popcorn overflow! After tasting the popcorn students could comment “I like that” or “I don’t like that” and have the opportunity to request more. Students also worked on requesting materials to make their snowman cup.

Gingerbread Playdough

Last week (week of January 2nd) we had fun making gingerbread play dough.  Students followed a recipe working and taking turns to add the ingredients.  Students also had to use their fine motor skills to open containers and carefully measure ingredients. We worked on vocabulary “pouring” and “stirring.” Students also had fun playing with the play dough making choices of what cookie cutter shape they wanted and using vocabulary to describe what they were doing with the play dough (roll, push, pull, etc.).

Reindeer Craft

The week of December 12th in speech/OT group we made a reindeer craft. The students had to work on requesting “more paper” to cover their paper plate reindeer. Students also had request “more glue” and the needed body parts. Students also had fun singing “5 Little Reindeer Jumping on the Bed.” Students actively participated in the song using visual supports and removing a reindeer every time one fell off the bed.


Little Elf Little Elf

The week of December 5th in Speech/OT group we read the story Little Elf Little Elf. Students then created their own story books. This activity incorporate using all of our senses to see, smell, touch, taste, and hear! Students had to use their language skills to request school supplies, label body parts, and make comments (I like that or I don’t like that).

Pumpkin Pie Craft

Last week in speech/OT group we made a pumpkin pie craft. Students had to follow their directions to cut out their pie, tear brown and orange paper, and glue on all the pieces. Students worked on requesting needed supplies (glue, scissors) and requesting paper using phrase “color + object” (e.g. brown paper, orange paper).

Turkey Craft

Last week in group we made a turkey craft! Students had fun painting their hand prints and commenting whether they “liked” or “didn’t like” the feel of the paint on their hand. Students followed their visual directions and worked on requesting body parts to complete the craft.  Students also worked on making “color + object” phrases to request which color feathers they wanted (“I want yellow feather”).  We also read “5 Little Turkeys” and worked on answering “how many” questions.

Leaf Activity

Last week we read the story There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. The students answered “what” questions about what the old lady swallowed and then completed their own sequencing worksheet for what the Old Lady Swallowed.  After reading the story the students complete an Owl craft.  For the owl craft students worked on following their directions and requesting needed materials.  Some students worked on raising their hands to get the teacher’s attention when they needed a supply.